Get information from a file in Python

To get information from a file in Python we will use the os module, the path in our storage unit and the following functions:

  • os.path.getsize() returns the size of the archive or file.
  • os.path.getmtime() returns the last modified date of the file.
  • os.path.getctime() returns the creation date (equal to the last modified date on Unix like Mac).

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We show you the code to use these functions:

import os

filename = '/home/geekole/Documentos/python/archivos/archivo.txt'


Of course, you must modify the path of the file you are using as an example.

Another way to obtain information in a more concise way is by using the stat() function, which also receives the file path as an argument.

import os

filename = '/home/geekole/Documentos/python/archivos/archivo.txt'


With which you will get something like this:

Where each value means the following:

  • st_mode the type of file and its permissions.
  • st_ino the inode number.
  • st_dev the device id.
  • st_uid the owner id.
  • st_gid the group id.
  • st_size the size of the file.

These properties can be consulted individually:

import os

filename = '/home/geekole/Documentos/python/archivos/archivo.txt'

stats = os.stat(filename)


If you run the above script you will get the following output:

You can also refer to other Python examples for creating and reading text files:

We hope these examples for getting information from a file in Python will be useful to you.

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