Read an Excel file in Python

For this Python example, the Excel file we will use for read is the following:

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Read an Excel file in Python

This is a single sheet Excel file.

If you are working from Linux Ubuntu you must execute the following command in the terminal to download the libraries and install Pandas.

sudo apt install python3-pandas

The code in Python is very simple, we will use Pandas so you have to do the corresponding import.

import pandas as pd


excel_file = pd.read_excel('/path/ExcelExample.xlsx')
values = excel_file['Identifier'].values


columns = ['Identifier', 'Name', 'Surnames']
df_selected = excel_file[columns]


It is also important to import the xlrd package

pip install xlrd

Once the file has been read, it is possible to obtain the names of the columns of the Excel file with: file_excel.columns

Later it is possible to extract the content of the entire document with the following lines:

columns = [‘Identifier’, ‘Name’, ‘Surnames’]

df_selected = excel_file[columns]

Read an Excel file in Python

And that would be all, we hope this example about of read an Excel file in Python will help you.